Asset Management


Mejority partners with each client to tailor a solution that balances costs, opportunities and risks against the desired performance of their assets – achieving their very own organisational objectives.

The businesses of Mejority provides its clients a range of funds management and operational services in most regulated jurisdictions, with well established, solid standing relationships with top tier service providers throughout Asia.

Our asset management platform is a cost effective solution to minimise operational costs whilst ensuring all compliance and regulatory oversight is maintained.

Mejority is able to offer asset management and related services to all wholesale investors, not just fund managers. Our asset management platform provides a ‘turn key’ option for investors and fund managers by providing infrastructure, outsourced investment management, a centralised trading platform and prime brokerage services. We have the ability to register each client their own Segregated Portfolio Company (SPC) pursuant to the laws of the relevant jurisdiction that suits their needs. The investment objectives and policies for each segregated portfolio is determined by the Investment Committee at the time of creation of each Segregated Portfolio – which are set out in the Supplement as agreed by the client.

Mejority partners with innovative investors to ensure that a successful portfolio management strategy is implemented with all investment, operational and business issues faced by our clients are managed by us.

Full suite of Asset Management services includes:

  • Services to external asset managers
  • End to end solutions for internal asset management
  • Segregated portfolio platform for wholesale investors and fund managers
  • Dedicated investment management services
  • Centralised trading infrastructure
  • Operational, legal and compliance services
  • Investor mandate protection and confidentiality

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