About Us


Mejority is a leading Australian and Hong Kong investment organisation with offices in Hong Kong, Sydney and Perth. This allows Mejority to identify both Australian and cross border investments, as well as seek international growth opportunities.

Our Group focuses on key business areas including Custody, Asset Management, Prime Brokerage and International Equities for its institutional client base. This strategic international partnership has been created through the acquisition of Mejority Securities Limited (Hong Kong) by an Australian publicly listed investment house.

Mejority comprises of a team that has built a solid reputation for independence and innovation with a track record of success in terms of its investment partners and its management partners. We offer a better way to support our valued clients by providing uncompromised advice and world-class solutions that create lasting relationships. Our clients are discerning, and seek high-quality and versatile investment solutions where Mejority provides an array of strategies to meet their diverse objectives.

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